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Hello you! ~ spinning star

pink bubbles pink bubbles Welcome to my website!! I'm glad you're here :) this is my indulgent endeavor into web dev - a spot I'd like to stick fun tidbits, arts, thoughts I want to share, all in one handy place.
I hope you have a sweet time looking around, and if you wish to keep surfing please visit any link that looks cool!
You're soo gonna fall in love...

Also this site is still a baby, and super under construction..
Maybe more now and less later but nonetheless, things are bound to change as new pages pop up.
Also ALSO, I've made this with only desktop in mind, so mobile viewing isn't ideal
Also also ALSO........Sign my guestbook! it would make me smile
Okay cheerss bye bye now


27-05-2023 // and we're off

WAHOO WEEE first post :):):) so there is literally nothing on this page as of now other than the pretty colors and images, and none of the links work but I wanted to at least make some space to put more than just a coming soon banner thing

I also wanted to put the site up on the net so I could get actual URLS to use for links, Iframes, widgets, any other fancy additions... But that's later! I'm super overwhelmed by all the things I want to do here so I'm just gonna be reeeaalllyy slow at each step until I figure it out. I'm just glad I finally started it LOL

I think that's all for now, until next visit :]